【Ice cream】I tried to eat “Yukimi Daibu” Uji Matcha

I tried to eat “Yukimi Daibu” Uji Matcha

The package looks like this. This is a new Lotte Ice Cream product released on May 20, 2019.

Cool, cold summer
・ It is a tailoring of Matcha ice cream wrapped in Kyoto using Uji Matcha green tea.
・ The ice club puts a green tea bowl in the middle of iced green tea and can thoroughly enjoy the taste of green tea until the end.

Reference price 180 yen

◆ Nutrient ingredient indication 1 package energy 168 calorie protein 2.2 grams lipid 4.0 grams carbohydrates 30.4 grams salt equivalent 0.062 grams

Matcha ice cream wrapped in a green tea flavored rice bowl. Other than An, it was the finish of Matcha tea lack.

I love Matcha. I bet you love too!

For more details ,go to the official site.


ロッテ 雪見だいふく 涼み抹茶 94ml(47ml×2個)×25個

(2019/7/13 23:56時点)

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