Yumean udon noodles with grated radish and nori/How to order

Udon noodles with grated radish and nori

I ordered udon noodles with aosa seaweed on top.
After a short wait, the udon arrived. It is extremely simple. Almost colorless, clear broth, udon noodles, aosa seaweed, chopped green onions, and that’s it. I eat it. The broth is delicious. And the udon is soft. This kind of dish is also good. Thank you very much.

How to order

Yumean operator, Sukairaku, is actively promoting efficiency and automation in order to reduce labor shortages.

One example is touch panel ordering, which was introduced in many Gusto restaurants around 2019.

Some Yumean stores have one touch panel per table, as shown in the image below.

Yumean 夢庵


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