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About Kit Kat

Kit Kat was created in the United Kingdom in 1935. To make it easy for factory workers to eat during their breaks, the Rowntree Company created a confectionary made of wafers wrapped in chocolate. The first product name was “Chocolate Crisp,” and two years later it was named “Kit Kat. It came to Japan in 1973. In 1988, Nestlé in Switzerland merged with Lontry in the U.K., and “Kit Kat” became a Nestlé product.

Local Japanese Kit Kat containing the flavors of local specialties from various regions of Japan was also introduced. The first product was “Yubari Melon. The flavor “Strawberry” was well received, so this time also started in Hokkaido. With overseas tourists visiting Japan in mind, there are now 17 flavors, including Uji green tea from Kyoto, wasabi from Shizuoka, adzuki beans from Tokai-Hokuriku, and red sweet potatoes from Kyushu-Okinawa. For the Hiroshima Momiji Manju flavor, the company says it has thoroughly researched flavors and textures to see how to utilize the moist, moist manju in the crispy “Kit Kat. They are also popular as souvenirs among foreign tourists visiting Japan.

Japanese Kit Kat was also created with a special twist to suit the Japanese palate. The number of bars, which in other countries consisted of four fingers (four slices), was reduced to two fingers for the Japanese who prefer a smaller size. In keeping with the Japanese custom of giving gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and weddings, the company has also started a service to make “original” Kit Kat with photos and messages. Kit Kat” is popular during the exam season. The name “Kit Kat” spread by word of mouth as a “good-luck charm” because “surely win” is said in the Kyushu dialect as “kitto katsu to o” (surely win). According to Nestlé Japan, one out of every five students takes a Kit Kat to the exam site, and some products with the words “Your dreams will come true” or “Kit, sakura sakura sakura yo. and “Kit, Sakura Sakuyaku yo! The packaging also featured a white space on which to write messages of encouragement, a very Japanese gesture.

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