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About Baby Star Ramen

Baby Star Ramen was born from the idea of “eating ramen as it is. It has been supported by many children not only because of its taste and price, but also because of its interesting concept.

Baby Star Ramen” has been loved for three eras: Showa, Heisei, and 2022. This product was created in 1959, long before ramen became a national food and before the concept of snacks was even a reality. Baby Star Ramen, a snack that “let you eat ramen straight from the bowl with your hands” without the need for a bowl, chopsticks, or hot water, must have been quite a groundbreaking product at the time.

The founder’s idea of “mottainai” (what a waste) was the catalyst for the creation of Baby Star Ramen. This was long before ramen became a national food, and the term “snack” had not even been coined in Japan.

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