【Snack】I tried to eat Kaki peas/Kaki no tane

About Kaki peas/Kaki no tane

Kaki peas are a popular snack with alcoholic beverages. Although calories are high because of the peanuts, the main ingredient is glutinous rice, which is highly nutritious. However, eating too much may cause indigestion.

In addition to its role in building muscle, the protein in persimmon peas is also responsible for reinforcing damaged muscles. For this reason, muscle trainers intensively supplement protein with protein.

In addition to its role in protecting the body, muscle also helps improve metabolism. Weakened muscles make you prone to weight gain, so while dieting, be aware of building muscle along with reducing fat.

At 236 kcal per 50 g, persimmon peanuts are surprisingly high in calories. The reason for this is peanuts. Peanuts are high in fat, which makes them high in calories. However, the fat in peanuts is quickly converted into energy.

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