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About  PRETZ

PRETZ is a stick-type snack sold by Ezaki Glico.

The name is derived from the pretzel, but instead of the characteristic “pretzel shape,” it is a stick type. Some of the standard flavors include <Salad> in the green box, <Roasted> in the red box, and <Butter Flavor> in the yellow box.

A derivative product of Butter Pritz with a chocolate coating is Pocky, but as a result of Pocky becoming so big a hit and synonymous with “baked goods on a stick,” sometimes Pritz are mistakenly thought to be a derivative product of Pocky, and even Pritz are sometimes called “Pocky.

PRETZ tasty salad

This is from Ezaki Glico. Pritz Yummy Salad Home use.
I bought it at a special sale at my local supermarket.
It is a long, thin, crispy and chewy snack.
The perfect amount of saltiness keeps me coming back for more.
As the name “旨” suggests, there are many other flavors in addition to the salty taste.

PRETZ roasted salted butter

There is a wide variety of prits and this time I chose the salted butter. The sweet roast combined with the salted butter was a delicious combination of sweet and slightly salty. I couldn’t stop myself from eating it all.

Tomato Pritz

It has a complex flavor, sweetness, and savory aroma that is not just a seasoning. It tastes like a vegetable cracker, if I may use an analogy. It also has a good acidity. Vinegar?

When I looked at the ingredients, there were more vegetables than I expected. Vinegar seems to be tomato vinegar!

Every year, November 11 is designated as “Pocky & Pritz Day,” with 1111 as the number of Pritz and Pocky.

Many regional and limited-edition Pretz are also on sale.

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