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About caramel corn

The fluffy, crispy texture and rich caramel flavor of this caramel corn is very delicious.
I have been receiving them since I was a child. The packaging has changed since then. I like them because they are unique and cute. The unique crunchy texture, sweet caramel flavor snacks, and salty peanuts go so well together. I can’t stop eating them. This time I had it with milk. It was delicious.

The surface is a little crunchy and the inside is crispy, so the gap between the surface and inside textures is almost addictive. It tastes very sweet, more like caramel than caramel, but strangely enough, it does not taste bad, and once I started eating it, I could not stop.

There are many flavors in the caramel corn series, but this caramel flavor is the best fit for me. It is very sweet, but for some reason, once you start eating it, you can’t stop. The peanuts also add a nice accent. My kids love it as a snack.

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