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Pino is a chocolate ice cream chilled confection in the shape of a trapezoidal rotating body with a flat top of a cone, reminiscent of the undersea volcano “Guyot” or Mt. The vanilla ice cream is surrounded by a chocolate coating.

It is eaten by stabbing it with the stick provided, but it is difficult to stab it when it is frozen solid.

I like the fact that it is a bite-sized ice cream that is easy to crunch and eat.
The not-too-sweet chocolate and smooth, mild-tasting vanilla ice cream are a great match.
The only thing that I miss is that the ice cream is so small (only 6 pieces) that it gets eaten up quickly.

The type category of ice cream is iced milk, with the names of the ingredients listed as dairy products, vegetable fats, lactose, sugar, cocoa butter, makucha, syrup and gyokuro.
Like regular Pinot, each pack contains six pieces and each 10 ml piece has 31 kcal.

When you try one, the smooth Uji matcha chocolate melts in your mouth and the rich matcha flavour spreads at once. The sweetness is slightly subdued and you can taste the bitterness of the matcha, and you can also enjoy the difference in texture between the slightly crispy chocolate coating and the mildly melting ice cream. Both the chocolate coating and the ice cream inside are made with Uji matcha green tea, so even though the ice cream is bite-sized, you can still enjoy a lot of matcha flavour.

This is maccha flavor.

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