About Umaibo

Corn puff snacks in the shape of a stick, manufactured by Risca Corporation and marketed by Yaokin.
The company has long been popular not only for its standard flavors, but also for its trendy and unconventional flavors, with a total of more than 60 varieties sold to date.

Umaibo was created in 1979. The first three flavors released were sauce flavor, salami flavor, and curry flavor, with the salami flavor still being sold as the standard flavor.

After that, regular flavors such as cheese and vegetable salad flavors were introduced, and premium series and local flavors were added, resulting in a total of more than 60 flavors released in the past.

This is a package of Umaibo.

Incidentally, the character depicted on the Umaibo package is “Umaemon,” the top star of Yaokin. His younger sister is a beautiful girl named “Umami,” and the two characters, who bear no resemblance to their siblings, are sure to make you laugh, so if you are interested, be sure to check out the Umaibo characters as well!

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