【Snack】I tried to eat pie no mi

About pie no mi

The “pie no mi” was created in 1979. The motif was the breadfruit, a tropical plant that tastes like bread when its fruit is baked.

A designer at the time, who saw the breadfruit, drew a design that looked like a pie forming a tree based on the image of “a dreamy tree that produces bread one after another,” and named the design “pie fruit.

As the name “pie only” implies, there is no chocolate inside, but it weighs about three times as much as a regular pie nut pie.

Ingredients Wheat flour, margarine, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, cacao mass, maltose, lactose, whole milk powder, whey powder, salt/emulsifier (from soybean), flavor

The actual retail price of a box of pie nuts is about 98-128 yen. As a person who believes that “1g = 1 yen or less” is the minimum standard for buying sweets, I can’t say that they are cheap, but considering the taste and quantity, I think they are acceptable.

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