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Yayoiken mainly serves set meals and rice bowls. Yayoiken aims to provide “meals that support everyday life” and is characterized by the traditional Japanese style of one soup and three vegetables. The menu offers not only Japanese food, but also Western and Chinese food, and is supported by the fact that it can be easily adapted to your tastes and is nutritionally balanced.
The restaurant is also supported by those who work hard or use a lot of energy, as the white rice can be refilled freely.

Miso Katsu

The miso soaks into the batter of the pork cutlet moistly and looks delicious! When you put the pork cutlet in your mouth, the rich miso paste spreads in your mouth.

The miso is so rich that when you put the cutlet in your mouth, the rich miso flavor is just waiting for you to eat it! The rich miso in the “Miso-katsu-ni Teishoku” alone is enough to eat white rice!  Now let’s try it with an egg yolk. The egg yolk envelopes the miso katsu, giving it a richer flavor that will leave you in agony!  The refreshing supporting dish of “chopped sesame pickled Chinese cabbage” also complements the rich “Miso Katsu-ni Teishoku”.

Chicken Nanban and Fried Shrimp Set Meal

It is covered with plenty of tartar sauce.

Chige hot pot set meal

The chige set meal features a spicy gochujang (red pepper paste) soup with the flavor of seafood such as scallops and shrimp and the richness of Shinshu miso. For those seeking a more stimulating spiciness, the “Spicy Chige” is available with a special chili powder blend of four kinds of chili peppers.

Japanese-style grated hamburger steak set meal

I had it with grated daikon (Japanese radish), and I think the grated daikon really lightens the aftertaste.

The accompanying sauce is also good.
The refreshing acidity of the ponzu sauce lifts the heavy flavor of the meat.
The aroma of the soy sauce adds a bounce and three-dimensionality to the dish.

It was delicious!

Thanks for the food.

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