【Drink】I tried drinking Asahi Wanda Kiwami Cafe 370 g of cans.

I tried drinking Asahi Wanda Kiwami Cafe 370 g of cans.

This is released from Asahi Beverage. As I like cafe au lait with plenty of milk, I repeat and buy it. It seems that supervision of a long-established coffee shop called Marufuku coffee is attached.

The appearance is like this. There is plenty of capacity to drink in 370ml.

This is the appearance that is easy to catch eyes Most of these drinks are usually thin or half sweet, but this is really sweet. Good for people who like the bitter taste of coffee.

A rich milk feeling and gentle sweetness were good. Because it contains milk and fresh cream, it has become a cafe au lait with a strong sweetness. It’s perfect when you want sweet things.

【drink】tasting Coca-Cola "Georgia Japan Craftman Cafe Latte"
I bought Coca-Cola "Georgia Japan Craftman Cafe Latte". This bottle...

You can buy it at Amazon. Because it is heavy, it is good to buy it together.

アサヒ飲料 WONDA(ワンダ) 極 カフェオレ 370gボトル缶×24本入

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