【drink】tasting Coca-Cola “Georgia Japan Craftman Cafe Latte”

I bought Coca-Cola “Georgia Japan Craftman Cafe Latte”.

This bottled coffee has been released from Georgia in May 2018.

It was born as a bottle of coffee with a lot of milk and plenty of refreshing taste in a cup of coffee for pouring out.

The package looks like this.

shake well before opening.

Contents 500 ml

It has a subtle sweetness and no transparency. There is not much left on the aftertaste impression.

We feel that this is well cost performance coffee with plenty of capacity.

You can buy this at Amazon. Because This is heavy, it is good to buy some together.  Well then!

コカ・コーラ ジョージア ジャパン クラフトマン カフェラテ 500mlPET×24本

(2019/7/14 20:37時点)

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