I ordered at Hokkahokkatei! Impression of “Nori Bento” from Hokkahokkatei!

About Hokkahokkatei

Hokkahokkatei is a chain of take-out bento restaurants franchised by the general headquarters of Hokkahokkatei Co. Its catchphrase is “My Town’s Kitchen.

Menus and promotions differ depending on the operating company and district.


Pork teriyaki mayo bento

454 yen etc


There is a huge selection of bento menus.

The regular noriben is priced at 360 yen (tax included), which is a very reasonable price.
The large menu and the quick turnaround time (depending on the time of day) made it a convenient place to go when you suddenly want to eat bento. It was a convenient place to go when you suddenly have a craving for a boxed lunch!

It seems that Uber Eats, which is a hot topic these days, now accepts deliveries as well.



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