I tried to eat Hotto Motto lunch box/Hotto Motto is good because everything is freshly made and you can see the kitchen.

About Hotto Motto

Hotto Motto K.K. is a chain of to-go bento restaurants operated by Hotto Motto K.K. Prenas in Kyushu and Yamaguchi regions, as well as in Japan, China, and South Korea.

The exterior of the stores are brown with wood and brick as the base color, creating a warm, urban look. The stores have been replacing this type of store since the Hottokahokkatei era in the early 2000s, and only the logo and lettering were changed after the transition to Hottokahokkattei. Many of the older stores from the Hottokahokkatei era have not remodeled their exteriors, but have replaced the original yellow-based signs with Hottokahokkattei brown-based signs.

In addition to the traditional ordering at the counter, a “hot showcase” service, which allows customers to purchase freshly prepared hot bento without having to wait, is also available at midday and other busy times, with the exception of some stores. This has also been in place since the days of Hokkahokkatei.

Crab cream croquette lunch box

nori (seaweed) bento


Crab cream croquette bento 550 yen etc


Hotto Motto’s Gekiauma Oyakodon is really juicy and the egg is just the right amount of semi-cooked. The chicken is tender and goes well with the egg, and the sauce is also very tasty. The sauce is so tasty that you can eat all of the rice.

Hot bento is very nice! Hotot more accepts orders by phone, so if you don’t want to wait, I recommend ordering by phone.



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