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Tonkatsu Wako is a chain of tonkatsu restaurants that originated in Kawasaki and has spread nationwide. Serving high quality pork cutlets at low prices, Tonkatsu Wako has been in Kawasaki for nearly 60 years.

TonkaTsu Wako is a chain of tonkatsu restaurants with more than 100 locations nationwide. It is well known as a restaurant that offers refills of rice, miso soup, and cabbage.

Fried shrimp set meal

The menu consists of three fried prawns and is priced at 1,188 yen including tax. If the fried prawns alone are not enough for you, you can order an “extra cutlet” such as a fillet cutlet or a menchikatsu with cheese.

Breaded pork on rice(Katsudon)

Freshly fried crispy pork cutlets are covered with egg and broth.

The flavor of mitsuba is a nice accent.

Because it is a fillet, it can be eaten easily.

One of the attractions of Tonkatsu Wako is that it offers a variety of fried dishes in addition to Tonkatsu.

In addition to fin cutlets, you can also enjoy freshly fried and crispy dishes such as menchikatsu with cheese, crab cream croquettes, fried prawns, cheese and shiso wrapped cutlets, deep-fried eggplant, chicken cutlets with cheese, ume shiro chicken cutlets, fried pumpkin, and so on.

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