【Taipei】Enjoy eating pancake at Ueshima coffee

Where are they Located?

You can find many Ueshima coffee branch store in Japan, In Taiwan They opened 2012/12. Here is their first overseas store.

Their inteior is as same as Japan’s one, even chairs,dishes, and coffee cups. Those are designed by Mr.Yanagi.
Ueshima coffee is famous for a wide variety of gourmet coffee and handmade sandwich, and moreover pancake is good to eat. If you order set menu, they cost you cheaper.

Ordinary pancake and drink set menu cost you 170NT$.


This one with icecream cost you 190NT$.


I often go to Mingyang department store basement 1 store. here, in the summer, airconditionaer is , but you can find more tables than other stores.
They give you free wifi. password is written in the recipet.

Besides this store, there is a another branch at Dongxiaodonhua. They are the Ueshima coffee first overseas shop.

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