I tried to eat at Hanamaru udon/Japanese Udon restaurant

About Hanamaru udon

Popular items on the wide variety of Hanamaru udon menus include the connoisseur favorite “Oroshi Shoyu” (grated soy sauce), the sweet and spicy “Beef Ontama Bukkake” and the “Pork Belly with Chinese Cabbage Ankake” available for a limited time. Adding tempura and side dishes to make it your own is also popular.

Many people want to enjoy the delicious Hanamaru Udon menu to the fullest, but are concerned about calories. …… A small portion of the hearty “Beef Ontama Bukkake” has more than 700kcal, but a small portion of “Kake” or “Oroshi Shoyu” with simple flavors has only about 270kcal!


Udon noodles with pork and salt sauce (large): ¥870
Udon noodles with shio-dare sauce and pork (small): ¥740
Udon noodles with beef (large): ¥920
Udon noodles with beef in a bowl (medium): ¥790


Hanamaru Udon Compared to nakau, the udon noodles are thick and the thickest I’ve eaten so far, very filling and chewy. Recommended for those who like it light! You can also choose your own tempura, so choose according to your taste!



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