【shopping】Okashi no machioka

Okashi no Machioka shops sells  a very  cheap Japanese snacks and some prices are as  low as 9yen each.

“Okashi” is Japanese for “candy” or “sweets”, though these shops actually carry a wide variety of snacks including sembei, salted snacks, drinks, and diet-oriented snack foods.
Here, many kids come to buy with their 100yen coin and get many snackes.


If you’re visiting Tokyo and you want to buy  some snacks as a souvenir, this is a great place to buy sweets!
I really like ” umai bou” . this is typically Japanese dagashi.

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Okashi no Machioka also sells discount drinks. They are much cheaper than buying at convenience stores such as 7-11, family mart etc.


If you are in Japan and interested in snacks, Okashi no Machioka shops are very worth looking up!
I love these shops! I think for foreigners , they are so much fun to see all the packaging!


Okashi no Machioka

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