【Cafe】I came to the Komeda coffee shop at Higashi mizumoto branch

Where are they

The appearance of this store is pretty cute.
There is also a parking lot. They are opposite of Lawson.

When you enter in morning,  toasts can be offered free of charge. Coffee has richness and it is reputable as tasty.

Wifi is available attached services, but there is no shop wifi.
I can not use it all the time.

The inside of the shop is divided into non-smoking and smoking seats.

hand towels and beans are served as free of charge. Each seat has a power supply (outlet).

I had an ice cocoa.it was delicious.

It is also a pleasure to have a discount ticket they give sometime.  with a wide range of customers comes here. I think that their employee is very polite.

Address and official website

3-8-2 Higashimizumi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-0033


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