I tried to eat at JOJOEN/Japanese Yakiniku BBQ restaurant


The word “JOJO” comes from the “sizzling” sound of roasting meat.

The first restaurant of “Jyojoen” was opened in 1976 in Roppongi.

As you know, Roppongi is a land of many Westerners, but in Japan, the expression for grilling meat is usually “juju”.

In Japan, when you cook meat, you usually say “Jujuu”, but to a Westerner’s ear, it sounds like “Joujou”.

I heard that Westerners hear it as “joujou. Because of these circumstances, we have made a “Yakiniku Restaurant” so that Westerners and foreigners can understand that it is a Yakiniku Restaurant.

JOJOEN Roppongi Branch” was opened so that Westerners and foreigners would know it was a yakiniku restaurant!

The name “JOJOEN” was later changed to “JOJOEN” and in 1984, the name was changed to “JOJOEN Co.


Kalbi from 2,600 yen, loin from 2,200 yen, tongue from 2,400 yen, hormone from 1,400 yen, other meats from 1,300 to 2,500 yen


“The restaurant is a famous chain of high quality yakiniku restaurants in Japan, and it is not cheap to eat a meal, but I personally like it.

It’s a great feeling to have a big meal with occasional luxury, and it’s recommended to come and enjoy it when there are a lot of people, but if there are only two people then it’s cheaper during lunch.

If you want to be romantic and treat your other half to a fine barbecue restaurant with a beautiful night view, I think Sycamore Court would be a pretty good choice.

How high class is it? How much does it really cost to eat such high class yakiniku in Japan? Let’s continue to see ~

It’s true that it’s not very cheap to eat a meal, it’s more economical when there are many people, and it’s basic to pay one ten thousand yen per person for dinner.

It’s not bad to come here for a long time to eat the legendary “Sushiguan”, after the first time my wife ate it, she misses the meat and sauce of Sushiguan ~ push it!



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