Where are they Located?

A Japanese beef bowl chain Yoshinoya opend a new second-generation shop called “Yoshinoya .Concept” near Taipei cityhall station.

They look not like beef bowl restaurant but  fashionable cafe.

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Their concept is relax.

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They are decorated in white tone.It is GOOD that you can look the park through the window.

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You can have meal on the second floor. in the first floor there is a long table seating.

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As for the meal,  it is quite healthy. Beef bowl but rice is not just steamed rice, but millet rice is used.
180 yuan set comes with 90 yuan drink and vegetables side dish.Beef bowl taste pretty good.  And luxury too .

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In addition to there are healthy menus.
WIFI is also available free of charge.

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It is really calm down place.
It is also good  for breakfast as they open from 7:00 am.

The location is near MRT city hall Station exit3 or 4. They are next to the cake shop and a travel agency.

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No. 155號, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110


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