I tried to eat at Gyukaku/ Japanese Yakiniku BBQ restaurant

About Gyukaku

Gyukaku is a popular yakiniku chain restaurant with the number one market share in Japan and approximately 620 restaurants in Japan and 110 restaurants overseas.


【Gyukaku 90-item course】90min all-you-can-eat☆3,938 yen (tax included)
The all-you-can-eat “Gyukaku” course with over 90 dishes is only 3,938 yen (tax included)! You can enjoy all-you-can-eat not only meat, but also snacks, salads, and endless dishes! Perfect for those who want to enjoy until they are full and for those who are new to Gyukaku.

3,938 yen (tax included)


Started in 1996, from Tokyo to the world
Popular in 11 countries, with 750+ stores worldwide

Japan’s “hall of fame” yakiniku that has been a hit for 25 years

When the meat is steaming on the stove

When the meat is steaming on the stove, it makes the sound of “zi zi zi zi”

It’s so satisfying!

Come on, the yakiniku is so delicious that it breaks your legs.

Let’s follow the director and enjoy it!

In 1996, the first Niugaku Yakiniku restaurant opened in Tokyo, and in the 25 years since then, it has become popular in 11 countries with 650+ restaurants in Japan alone and over 750 restaurants worldwide.
Two years ago, the first restaurant in Shenzhen, “Niujiao Japanese Yakiniku Specialized Restaurant”, was located in Futian and created a queuing frenzy, and the second restaurant in Shenzhen is located in KKMALL. If there is, let’s have another one!



Meet Local Japanese Freinds

Meet Japanese Freinds



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