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What’s about Tonkaratei

We are a restaurant specializing in “Tonkatsu” and “Karaage” of the Sukairaku Group. Enjoy our delicious tonkatsu and karaage at home or at a restaurant, even by yourself. Tonkaratei’s “Three Commitments” Commitment 1: Slow chilled aging of carefully selected Canadian pork loin. The original flavor of the pork is enhanced. 2. 100% vegetable oil containing oleic acid is used for the tonkatsu oil. 3 The cabbage is crispy and fluffy! Shredded daily at the restaurant.

All-you-can-eat curry, but not all-you-can-eat rice, so if you want a lot, we recommend a large or extra large serving. Weekdays only.

Orders can be placed using a touch panel.

Roast pork cutlet set meal

The standard “aged loin cutlet set meal” is inexpensive at 690 yen (excluding tax). Other attractive dishes include the “Tonkara Set Meal A,” which includes tonkatsu, karaage, and two of Karakaratei’s specialties. The Miso Katsu set meal also looks delicious. All set meals are around 800 yen, which is quite inexpensive for a tonkatsu restaurant.

The cutlets are crispy and delicious!

The coarse batter is used and the crispiness is immediately apparent, and this appearance is irresistible. The meat is not thin, but thick and firm.

And the salad is large. I did not order a large salad, but with such a large amount of salad, I could eat the rich tonkatsu without worrying.

The tonkatsu sauce is a very ordinary tonkatsu sauce. It is the same kind of sauce you can find anywhere. This is the best sauce to eat tonkatsu with.

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