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What’s about Symphony of Blue

Kintetsu’s sightseeing train, “Symphony of Blue,” is based on the concept of “high-quality travel for adults,” with twin seats for two and salon seats for three or four passengers. You can enjoy a train trip to Asuka and Yoshino in a relaxing and comfortable space with music playing in the background.

The “Symphony of Blue” is connected to a “lounge car” equipped with a bar counter. The “Symphony of Blue” features a “lounge car” with a bar counter, serving hot meals and sweet sets that incorporate the flavors of the train route, such as “Nara Yamato Nikudori Curry” and “Seasonal Original Cake Set.

If you want Whole Japan Rail Pass, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

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How to buy the ticket

For reservations, we recommend using the Kintetsu Net Reservation Service!

Kintetsu Limited Express promotes a ticketless service using the Internet. If you register as a member and use this service, 10% of the amount spent will be returned as points.

All seats on the “Symphony of Blue Symphony” express are deluxe seats, so a deluxe ticket is required for all seats. The deluxe fare is 210 yen within the Osaka Minami Line and Yoshino Line.

The fare required to board the limited express “Symphony of Blue Symphony” consists of a boarding ticket + a limited express ticket + a special car ticket. Within the Osaka Minami Line and Yoshino Line, the limited express fare is unified at 520 yen for all sections.

Therefore, when using between Osaka Abenobashi and Yoshino, the express ticket for the limited express “Symphony of Blue” will cost 730 yen in total. However, if you use the Kintetsu Limited Express Ticketless Service, which will be explained later, the limited express fare is discounted to 320 yen within the Yoshino Line between Kashihara Jingu-mae and Yoshino. In addition, if you use the service from the Kyoto or Nagoya area, the express fare is discounted because it can be calculated on a through basis.

As an example, the following is the fare for a full ride between Osaka Abenobashi and Yoshino. The total of the boarding ticket (990 yen) + the limited express ticket (520 yen) + the special car ticket (210 yen) is 1,720 yen, and the child’s fare is half of that (870 yen).

The sightseeing express “Symphony of Blue” can be booked as a regular express. However, only three cars are connected, and one of them is a lounge car, so there are actually two cars. All of them have spacious deluxe seats, so the number of seats is quite small.

There were not many empty seats immediately after its debut, but now that some time has passed since its debut, there are still a few seats available. However, the Saturday and holiday morning Osaka Abenobashi→Yoshino flight and the Saturday and holiday evening Yoshino→Osaka Abenobashi flight may fill up almost as soon as they go on sale.

Even for other flights, last-minute reservations are often made, and the seats are often full after all. In fact, the flight I boarded was actually almost full, even though there were many empty seats when I checked 3 hours before.

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