【Ramen】Hokkaido Ramen Himuro

Where are they Located?

It become completely ramen battleground in Matsudo now a day .

Here is a delicious miso ramen restaurant  near the JR Matsudo Station
The ramen restaurant is like this.

You may need to line up by the time zone.

They are located Matsudo Station West exit.

Because it is not a meal ticket system, and You need to order verbally to the clerk.

We had the miso ramen. Miso ramen 780 yen .

Their Soup is pork based miso soup. feeling pork and miso is good.

Eveb though miso ramen, their miso ramen is not salty.

On the counter table, there are garlic,  gangs red pepper, pepper, and vinegar.


Hokkaido Ramen Himuro Matsudo

1-13-26 HONCHO Matsudo Chiba

Open am11:00~am4:00



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