【Nagoya soul food】 Taiwanese ramen

Taiwanese ramen is a spicy noodle dish made by stir-frying minced meat, garlic, chives and chili peppers, and adding them to soy sauce ramen. It is one of the most famous local delicacies in Nagoya, and is called Nagoya-meshi.

Taiwanese ramen

The noodles are hidden by plenty of minced meat and chives. You can see chili peppers in some places.

First, I drank the spicy-colored soup, which was not so hot that my husband and I were both choking, but still spicy.

Taiwanese Mazesoba Noodles

A type of soup-less noodle dish consisting of Taiwanese minced meat (soy sauce flavored minced meat with hawk’s claw and garlic) on extra-thick noodles.
The noodles are stirred with ingredients such as Taiwanese minced meat, fresh chopped chives and green onions, fish meal, egg yolk, and grated garlic.
Some restaurants serve rice as a topping.

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