I tried to eat at Origin Bento/Japanese take away lunch box shop

About Origin Bento

Origin Bento was established in 1994 as a new type of bento box restaurant with prepared foods sold in quantities that you can freely choose from. With a focus on in-store cooking, more than 40 different kinds of prepared foods are prepared daily at the store and displayed in the showcase, and more than 30 different kinds of bento are cooked to order and delivered to you freshly prepared.

With hearty bentos, smaller bentos, onigiri (rice balls), and a variety of side dishes and salads made with lots of vegetables, you will never get bored with our lineup every day.


Freshly made bento … Tartar Nori Bento – 320 yen. Nori Chicken Tatsuta Bento – 421 yen. Deluxe Nori Bento – 421 yen. Cheese Chicken Katsu Nori Bento – 421 yen


I didn’t know what to eat after work, so I saw this bento store on my way home, so I went to have a look, and it was good to buy a bento to eat at home.
The store was clean…the bento was well organized and the dishes were abundant. There are ready-made bento, some dishes according to your own needs, weighing the amount to buy, and there are also freshly cooked bento.

I saw a burger bento, and waited five minutes before it was cooked, and when I came home to eat, it was really good, a little sweet, but the meat was tender…slightly charred, and tasted very good!



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