【limited-time offer】Sukiya Yakisoba Gyudon

Gyudon chain giant Sukiya announced that it will launch “Yakisoba Gyudon” at its stores nationwide on April 7 for a limited time. The carbohydrate-packed menu item has been welcomed by junk food lovers on Twitter.

The product is a popular menu item that became a big hit when it was first sold in 2013, and is now being commemorated with the release of “Crayon Shin-chan Mystery! Hana no Tenkasu Gakuen” is being revived to commemorate the release of the movie. It is inspired by the yakisoba bread that appears in the movie.

The yakisoba cooked in Sukiya’s special sauce with a hint of spice is said to be a perfect match with the sweetness and flavor of beef. The “Yakisoba Gyudon Omu Curry Mix” is a variation of the “Yakisoba Gyudon” with a fluffy egg and plenty of vegetables infused with Yokohama Curry. The company claims that this is “the best combination I dreamed of as a child. A children’s beef omelet is also available. Prices are 500 yen for the Yakisoba Beef Bowl (regular portion), 690 yen for the Yakisoba Beef Bowl Omu Curry Mix (regular portion), and 300 yen for the Children’s Beef Omusoba, all including tax.

Order by touch pannel.

The taste of yakisoba The taste of yakisoba is so familiar to the taste of The taste of yakisoba is so well blended almost as one with the taste of yakisoba.

than yakisoba. The red ginger is much more present than yakisoba.

Of course, there is no meat in the yakisoba portion,
I think it is better to eat it while mixing the meat and noodles.

Personally, I think red ginger is a must.

As a general comment, the impact was quite high for a project,
It was also surprising that the beef bowl and yakisoba matched each other unexpectedly.
However, if you ask me if I would go back a second time, I would think twice. I would think about it a little.
There are two bottlenecks: the ratio of noodles, meat, and rice is not good, and I get bored with the taste when I eat it.

It is just enough to mix well with the rice and meat,
If the amount of yakisoba could be reduced a little and the taste could be improved, it could become a regular dish.



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