【Ramen】Kaminari/ It is a sister store of Tomita Ramen

About Kaminari

Ramen Kaminari Matsudo Ekimae branch is located at the east exit of Matsudo Station, go straight and turn right to Yokado.

It is a sister store of Tomita Ramen. It is very tasty with a strong but addictive flavor. A few years ago, there was a line of butterflies on weekends, but these days it is not so crowded. I always try to get in line before the restaurant opens.

The toppings menu can also be viewed and ordered from the in-store menu.

As indicated on the ticket vending machine, even the mini size of ramen at the Kaminari Kita Matsudo main ramen store is similar to a large portion at a typical ramen restaurant.

For women and those who eat small portions, the mini size is enough to satisfy them.

The “Thunder Soba” pictured above was ordered after telling the waiter to order “less vegetables” in addition to the mini size.

The author ordered the “mini size of Thunder Soba (without garlic).

After purchasing a meal ticket, I was guided into the restaurant.

You will be asked, “Would you like garlic? You will be asked, “Do you want garlic?

Kaminami Ramen Mini

The soup was rich in flavor but light, which left a favorable impression.

This time, we were introduced to “Kaminari Kita Matsudo Honten,” a Jiro-style ramen restaurant affiliated with Chinese Soba Tomita.

Although the Niwa couple had rarely eaten Jiro-style ramen before, they both felt that the ramen had a definite addictive quality that made them both want to go back for more.

There is also a souvenir menu at the ticket machine, where you can purchase “Thunder Soba (regular or large), Tomita Tsukemen and Aji Gyoza (heart-flavor dumplings)”.

If you do not have time to eat at the restaurant, why not take advantage of this service?

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