Tenkaippin Fried chicken set meal with kotteri Ramen noodles

Fried chicken set meal (kotteori ramen)

Fried chicken set meal (kottori) (980 yen)

■ noodles

It is square, medium to medium thin, and straight.
The taste of the noodles is not strong, but you can taste some flavor.
The soup was well balanced between the flavor of the noodles and the richness of the soup.
The heat of the soup was also well mixed with the noodles.


It is a little thick and has some oil mixed in.

The soy sauce in the sauce is thin, mainly umami, and the richness is mild.

It is not salty or pungent.

The chashu pork was sliced rather thinly.
The bamboo shoots were rectangular, flat and well seasoned with flavor and sesame oil.
The green onion slices were crispy and light, with a refreshing flavor that matched the noodles and soup.

■Fried Chicken

The meat was chicken thigh, with a soft, taut, pleasantly chewy texture and a juicy, tasty flavor.
The crispy surface and the juicy and tender texture of the meat were well balanced, and the dish was delicious eaten as is, or with white rice.
The potherb mustard and green onion slices were served as garnish. The potherb mustard was fresh and refreshing.

■Steamed rice
I ate some of the rice with the fried chicken, then threw the rest into the soup after eating the noodles and ingredients.

■Overall Taste Impression

The noodles were soft and chewy. The soup was good with the noodles, and the heat of the soup was well mixed with the noodles.
The soup was thick and rich, and I could feel the chicken broth when it was mixed with the noodles.

The rice went well with the fried chicken, and it also went well with the soup when added to the soup after the noodles and ingredients.

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