【cup fried noodles】Ippei-chan

About Ippei-chan

The name Ippeichan was chosen in the hope that it would be the best ramen of the Heisei era.

There are many different yakisoba-type cup noodles sold by various manufacturers.

Among them, Ippeichan has become one of the most popular series!

Of course, it is my favorite series, too, isn’t it?

The package is like this.

Inside are three items: sauce, furikake, and, as I thought, mustard mayonnaise.

There is a hot water drainage opening, so peel off this opening and discard the hot water.

The 27-year history of this product speaks for itself, and the stable taste is highly appreciated. It has been a long time since I had it, but I would like to repeat it soon. Thank you very much.

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