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Have you heard of the ramen chain “Ramen Yamaoka-ya”?
It is located throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and is rather a minor ramen restaurant in Honshu.

Yamaoka-ya is characterized by its long business hours, with some stores open 24 hours a day, and by opening stores in suburban locations.
In the large area of the province, transportation has to travel long distances. In addition to their business hours, these restaurants are easy for truck drivers to use, with prominent red signs and large roadside parking lots.

You order by buying a meal ticket on a touch panel.

If you are a JAF member, just show your membership card (card or app) to the store and you can get 2 pieces of chashu pork or a seasoned egg as a free topping!

Many people forget about the existence of JAF membership even though they joined JAF when they bought a car. In fact, JAF membership has many unexpected uses, such as discounts at leisure facilities and restaurants, in addition to vehicle trouble.

If you are a JAF member, you must use the Yamaoka family topping service.

This is soy source Ramen

If you like pork bone broth, you will love the taste of Yamaoka’s ramen. This is because Yamaoka’s pork bone broth is made by boiling only pork bones and water for as long as three whole days.

Many chain restaurants use a central kitchen to produce the soup and deliver it to each restaurant so that they can serve the same consistent taste at every restaurant.

Many green onions are included in the ramen.
The green onions are very crunchy and delicious.

Ramen Yamaoka-ya” is very popular among everyone from the general public to truck drivers.
If you are a JAF member, please try the free toppings for a great price.

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