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About Ramen Hayashida

Ramen Hayashida is a ramen restaurant operated by INGS Co. Ramen Hayashida Shinjuku, located near Shinjuku Marui, is a popular restaurant with a long line of customers and a high rating on the food log.

In addition to Ramen Hayashida, INGS also operates other popular ramen restaurants such as “Niboshi Chuka Soba Suzuran,” “Ramen Hosenka,” and “Ore no Men Harumichi.

Select a menu item from the touch panel and place your order.
Sit at the counter and wait for your ramen.

In addition to shoyu ramen, the menu included salt, back fat shoyu, dried back fat, tsukemen, mazesoba, and many others.

Tabletop tools next to the touch-screen menu. Gyoza and fried rice are also available on the side, and soy sauce and raayu are arranged.

The most popular ramen is “Special Soy Sauce Ramen!

When you enter the restaurant, you will see a ticket vending machine where you can order from the menu.
The most popular menu item is the “Special Shoyu Soy Sauce Ramen” for ³,000 (tax included).
There is also a wide variety of dishes on the menu, such as Nodoguro Soba and Tsukemen (noodles with dipping sauce), so there is something for everyone.

Soy Sauce Ramen

The clear soup was richly flavored with duck and Daisen chicken, which gave it the richness and umami of chicken. The soy sauce is exquisitely thick and mellow.

The noodles are medium-thin, straight noodles with whole wheat flour, made from carefully selected wheat, and when you slurp and chew them, the aroma and sweetness of the wheat spreads in your mouth. The more you chew, the more delicious this dish becomes.

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Miso Ramen

It is a full-flavored miso.
The noodles are plump and perfect for miso ramen (similar to the noodles at Nishiyama Ramen in Sapporo).
The flavored eggs are toasty and the chashu pork is also delicious.

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