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The ramen at Rairaitei is characterized by a light, Kyoto-style soy sauce-flavored chicken broth with back fat. The back fat on the surface and the clear chicken broth inside make for a soup that is refreshing to the palate and can be finished to the last drop. The noodles are thin and intertwine well with the soup. The soy-sauce based ramen includes “kotteri” ramen, which is made by simmering chicken stock for a long time, aji-tama ramen, chashu ramen, wonton ramen, and leek ramen. In addition to soy-sauce based ramen, there are miso ramen with thick noodles, hot and spicy ramen with a lot of red pepper, salt ramen, and cold ramen available only in summer.


The noodles are thin but have a strong presence. They are well calculated to go well with this soup.

Customers can choose whether to have their noodles soft or firm, soy sauce light or thick, back fat or more, chili peppers or not, green onions or not, and pork chashu (pork belly) lean or fatty, according to their preferences. This allows you to enjoy a wide variety of flavors.


Rairaitei’s Tenshindon with fluffy eggs and hot melted bean paste!
The hot, molten bean paste is piled high and goes perfectly with the ramen noodles!
It goes perfectly with ramen noodles!

Ramen noodles with red miso paste

The soup is still a little spicy. It may not be spicy enough for those who like umami spicy noodles, but I think it is spicy enough for those who just want spicy food. I think it is best to eat it at this time of the year because the richness of the miso matches the spiciness. Also, the flavor of sesame seeds spreading in your mouth is quite a nice touch.

If you want to eat there, try to get there early because there is always a line at lunch time!

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