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What’s about Spaghetti Pancho?

It has been 12 years since the first “Spaghetti Pancho” restaurant* opened in Dogenzaka, Shibuya in 2009. Now, it has grown into a chain specializing in Spaghetti cuisine with more than 20 stores nationwide, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

First of all, when you step into the restaurant, you can smell the delicious aroma…

From the kitchen, you can hear the sound of frying Neapolitan dishes, which will surely whet your appetite from the moment you enter the restaurant!


At Pancho’s, each restaurant has a tupperware of cheese powder on the table, which you can sprinkle on as much as you like for free!

There are wide variety of toppings, and one of the fun parts is finding unexpected combinations that you never knew existed! Of course, the spaghetti and all the toppings are delicious, but the secret to being loved is not only the taste..!

That’s right! At Pancho, you can choose your favorite size! And, you can get a large portion for free! It’s a super deal!

The smallest size is 300 grams, and although it is called a small size, it is still 300 grams, so it is quite a large portion (laughs).

The medium size is 400 grams, and the large size is 600 grams, double the size of the small size. Please choose the amount you like and eat your fill of the specialty restaurant’s Neapolitan.

Of course, no matter which quantity you choose, we do not make any leftovers! We shake the frying pan with all our soul in each dish!

Spaghetti Neapolitan

tomato sauce with minced meat

Meat Sauce Menu
Meat sauce: 820 yen (small 750 yen)
Thick-sliced bacon in meat sauce: 1080 yen (small 1010 yen)
Meat sauce with fried egg: 920 yen (small 850 yen)
Cheese in meat sauce: 1,000 yen (small 930 yen)
Sausage in meat sauce: 970 yen (small 900 yen)
Hamburger steak with meat sauce: 1080 yen (small 1010 yen)

This time, I will have a regular portion (400g) of “Meat Sauce”!

After waiting for about 5 minutes after ordering, the meat sauce arrived. It also came with a huge container of cheese powder and a huge jar of Tabasco, which I had ordered in advance.

The meat sauce is extremely tasty, with a perfect balance of the rich flavor of ground meat, the natural sweetness of ketchup, and the slight sourness of tomatoes.

Sprinkling powdered cheese on top adds depth of flavor and makes it even tastier.
Personally, I recommend it.



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