About Yakisoba Marusho

Marusho’s yakisoba features sauce and homemade noodles. We use a unique mixture of the long-established Tokiha sauce. The homemade noodles are “made from a combination of three types of flour and are made daily in the noodle-making room in the restaurant. They are characterized by their sticky texture and wheat flavor”.

Soy Sauce Yakisoba

Only yakisoba specialty restaurants offer a choice of flavors, noodle thickness, and toppings.

It was my first time to try yakisoba with thick noodles, but it was clearly different from regular yakisoba, and when I tried it, the noodles were chewy and fresh with the oil. The difference in the noodles gave me a very different impression, and it was almost like mazesoba. If you like ramen, you may like it if you give it a try.

Sauce Yakisoba

The noodles are really thick and crispy!
It was unlike any other yakisoba noodles with sauce I have ever had!
The sauce was sweet, but not too sweet.

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