【Soba】Zaru noodles

This time, I bought Zaru soba from Supermarket Yokado. Eating zaru soba in summer is nice and cold. The package looks like this.

Zaru-Soba is soba noodles that are served on a woven bamboo tray, called a zaru.

What’s inside looks like this

The men-tsuyu is thick and tasty, and the soba noodles are so smooth that you can eat them in a heartbeat!

Includes green onion, chopped nori, wasabi, and mashimizu. Just by turning the mashimizu and mixing a little, it loosens up well and is easy to eat.
The sauce is a little sweet, and the spiciness of the green onion and wasabi adds a nice accent. The soba noodles are also firm and tasty.

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