【Taipei】12 hour only 100NT$ cheap internet cafe in Taipei

Where are they Located?

They are called 「一代網路」. they are located in the back of Xinghuan mitsukoshi building in front of Taipei main station.

Next to the ginza ramen, they are at basement. Entrance is very messy.


Here you can use internet at 100 yuan for 12 hours night pack.
Since they are very cheap so at night homeless people are sleeping.

usually one hour 35 yuan. 

The remaining time will be displayed on the screen.


There is no free drink but you can bring or buy drink. They sells snacks, instant noodle etc.


In Taiwan, there are many guys who plays online game. Some are very crazy. sometime they shout.



No. 8, Nanyang St, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

Other internet cafe near here.

異次元         台北市南陽街3號B1
網路高手南陽店2樓    台北市南陽街8號2樓
好樂南陽店       台北市南陽街8號3樓
美國派         台北市南陽街8號4樓
網路高手南陽店5樓    台北市南陽街8號5樓
可樂星球圓環      台北市重慶北路1段73號5樓

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