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Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (成田山新勝寺) is Shingon Buddhist sanctuary situated in Narita. It is a standout amongst the most celebrated sanctuary in Kanto locale. It has been the holy spots to recapture the assurance against fiascos and misfortune since built up in 940. Particularly, amid the Edo Period, it was one of the greatest occasions for Edo individuals to visit and supplicate at Shinshoji Temple.

Well known Kabuki Actor, Ichikawa Danjuro, appealed to God for his infant, and after his sheltered carriage of his child, he was extraordinary devotee of Shinshoji Temple and made an incredible association in the middle of Kabuki and Shinshoji Temple.


History of Shinshoji Temple

The picture of Fudomyoo, the primary divinity of the sanctuary, is having a place with the Chisan Sect of Shingon. This is a to a great degree profitable picture that Kobou Daishi (the organizer of SHingon) himself cut, blessed and led a Goma custom upon the immediate request of Emperor Saga.

The picture was cherished at Takaosan Jingoji Temple in Kyoto for a drawn out stretch of time. At the season of a rebellion by Taira no Masakado in 939, the colossal minister Kancho conveyed the picture to the Kanto district with him on mystery orders from Emperor Suzaku.

At Narita, in the Shimousa district, Kancho offered a Goma custom petition to God for peace enduring 21 days.

On fourteenth of February 940, upon the last day of the petition to God, the rebellion was stifled. After this, Naritasan was established and respected with the sanctuary name, Shinshoji.

The Great Main Hall

… reveres the picture of Fudomyoo, the principle divinity. Current building is inherent 1968. It is the primary dojo for the Goma ritual that is the most vital administration in the Temple. Within the lobby are revered the pictures of Fudomyoo.

Three-storied Pagoda

Worked in 1712. The pagoda is 25m high, and the critical social property of Japan. Gochianyorai is cherished inside the pagoda.

Niomon Gate

Reconstructed in 1831. Cherished here are the pictures of Misshakukongo and Naraenkongo on the privilege and left front sides.

Komyodo Hall

Reconstructed in 1701. It was some time ago the Main Hall.

Shakado Hall

Reconstructed in 1858. This is the old Main Hall. Cherished here are the pictures of Shakayorai Buddha in the inside, and four pictures of Bosatsu.

Incredible Pagoda of Peace

… was implicit 1984.

Official Web:http://www.naritasan.or.jp/


From JR Narita Station, walk 5 min


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