All you have to know about Shimonada Station, a well-known as instagram-venue!

What’s good about Shimonada Station?

Have you ever heard of Shimonada Station?

Shimonada Station is a station on the Shikoku Railway Yosan Line in Okubo, Futami Town, Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. The station number is S09 and the elevation is 11 m. The Iyonada Monotari sightseeing train stops at the station. The station is known among railroad fans as one of the best places to take railroad photographs, as the platform offers a wide view of the sea.

If you do, you’re either a train buff or a self-proclaimed Instagrammer! (Biased)

Shimonada Station in Ehime Prefecture became famous after being featured in a TV drama and on a poster for the Seishun 18 Ticket.
Many tourists visit Shimonada Station because of the panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea from the platform.

Shimonada station is definitely a photo spot.

If you search for Shimonada Station, you will find many photos of the platform scenery with the sea in the background.

When I actually went there, I thought that it definitely looks good.
Makes me want to instagram this one…

My personal favorite is this pic!

Stations are crowded

Shimonada Station looks crowded…

Some of you may have thought so.
Let me start with a conclusion.

It is crowded.

It is not to the level that the platform is crowded, but it is unusually crowded for a local train line.
After getting off at the platform of Shimonada station, I saw off the train I got on.

While no trains were coming, many people were spending their time sitting on benches on the platform to take pictures of the back of the train and to capture fashionable photos.

Shimonada Station is only accessible by regular train from Matsuyama.

Here’s how to get to Shimonada Station!
Shimonada Station is on the JR Yosan Line and can be reached by regular trains departing from Matsuyama.

It takes about 50 minutes from Matsuyama!

Unfortunately, limited express trains do not stop here, only local trains.

Unfortunately, the limited express trains do not stop at the station, and only local trains stop there.
Some trains are not air-conditioned, so it can be hellish in the summer.

Also, just because a train is a local train, it does not necessarily go to Shimonada.

Shimonada Station is located between Matsuyama Station and Uwajima Station.
Between the two stations, the train splits into two routes: the Yosan Line, which has Shimonada Station on the way, and the Uchiko Line.

Therefore, regular trains announced to go via Uchiko cannot go to Shimonada Station!
Please take the train announced via Iyo Nagahama.

Shimonada Station has very few trains

Needless to say, Shimonada Station has very few trains.
Be sure to find out which train goes to Shimonada and which returns!

This way you can stay at Shimonada Station for about 1 hour and 20 minutes, which should be enough time to fully enjoy the scenery!

If you go to the back of the train, you will be able to see a view that you cannot usually enjoy in the city.

How to kill time at Shimonada Station

No matter how many beautiful photos you take of Shimonada Station, you still have time to spare.

In that case, take a short walk around the station.
After exiting the Shimonada Station building, turn right and walk along the road until you reach a hill.

From here you can see Shimonada Station from a different perspective!

Another thing to do is to relax at “Shimonada Coffee” in front of the station.
You can enjoy not only coffee and lattes, but also Ehime’s specialty, mikan juice.

I was able to drink a rare variety of mikan juice called “Harehime.

There are benches, so you can wait for the train while sipping your drink.
The mikan juice costs 500 yen, but it’s worth it because it’s nothing like the stuff you can get at the supermarket!

Birthday ticket is recommended for travel to Shikoku

JR Shikoku offers an unbeatable free pass called “Birthday Ticket” that allows unlimited rides even on the green car of limited express trains!

Of course, you can also go to Shimonada Station, so please use it on your trip to Shikoku.

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