How to get to Cupnoodles Museum, Yokohama

About Cupnoodles Museum, Yokohama

This is an experiential museum that showcases creativity and is divided into nine areas, including the Cup Noodle History Hall, Momofuku Screening Hall, Momofuku Research Hut, Ando Momofuku History Hall, Creative Thinking Hall, Chicken Soup Ramen Factory, My Open Cup Factory, Open Cup Play Area, and Noodle Street.

Among them, My Cup Factory is the most interesting, from noodle making, cup noodle shaping, ramen ingredients, cup noodle shaping and other aspects, all can be made by themselves Oh, very suitable to bring children to experience.

How to get there

By train.

Take the Minato Mirai Line and get off at Minato Mirai Station. 8 minutes walk;

Take the Minato Mirai Line and get off at Carriageway Station. 8 minutes walk;

Take the JR or municipal subway and get off at Sakuragicho Station, about 12 minutes walk.

By bus.

Take the Yokohama Sightseeing Bus “Red Shoes” and get off at the “Kokusai Bridge and Hoppy Memorial Hall” stop.

Take the Minato Mirai 100 yen bus (Saturday, Sunday and holidays only) and get off at “World Porters”. 3 minutes walk.


Adults 500 yen (tax included); High school students and younger (including high school students) are admitted free of charge. A separate fee is required to visit and play some of the facilities in the museum.

Opening hours of Yokohama Combined Flavor Memorial Hall

0:00-18:00 (until 17:00) Closed every Tuesday and the beginning of the year (If Tuesday is a national holiday, the closing day will be the following day)


The DIY factory is on the 3rd floor, and it’s so busy that the experience area is already crowded. Reservations can be made in advance for chicken noodle soup (90min) and cup noodle making (45min), so if you purchase tickets directly at the front desk, there may not be enough places or you will have to wait.

The staff will guide you to buy empty cups (300 yen a piece, maximum 3 per person), then wait in the queue area, when the turn will lead the round table pictured above —- painting.

DIY Step 1: Design the exclusive cup pattern

The sky is the limit, feel free to embellish. The clerk will remind must fill in the experience date, as the beginning of the cup noodles shelf life of 2 months.

DIY Step 2: Fill noodles

The clerk will first spray the inside of the cup to sterilize, and then fill the noodles. Then a cup of noodles are neatly arranged, waiting for the seasoning in turn.

DIY Step 3: Choose your favorite toppings (1 type of soup, 4 types of vegetable ingredients)

Original, curry, soy sauce, tomato juice; mustard, kimchi, corn kernel, shrimp, beef kernel, vegetable kernel …… You can choose 1 kind of soup ingredients and 4 kinds of vegetable ingredients.

DIY Step 4: Cup noodle encapsulation

This is the procedure operated by the clerk, the plastic film wrapped cup noodles into the vacuum suction conveyor belt, roll a circle after the plastic sealing and fit ramen is complete! Just get your hands or hot.

DIY step 5: outside with an inflatable bag

Inflate your own, string, made of take-home bag, is not very chic. (*^__^*)

When you buy a ticket, you will make a reservation for a time, so that everyone will make their own cupnoodle according to the time on the ticket, the door opens at 10:00, 9:30 when there is already a queue, and then start selling tickets.

Upstairs is where you can make your own cup noodle.

The first step is to buy cups for 300 yen.

The second step hand washing

The third step to design their own cup, their own DIY cup noodle, painted to go to the packaging.

The fourth step to the cup to the staff to fill the noodle, their own hands to the left to turn the turntable until you hear the ringing sound.

The fifth step to choose the flavor, there are seafood, curry, chicken sauce, and then choose the seasoning, each person can choose three.

Step six seal the lid

The seventh step on the plastic film

Finally out of the oven, take away your own cup noodle. Take a pocket to put their own noodles can be taken away.

You can come to the park with children, the second floor of a whole room of glass display cases full of instant noodles, showing the development of instant noodles since 1958.

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