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It is about 25 kilometers from downtown Miyakojima to Higashi Heian Meisaki, and it takes about two hours to ride slowly. The sun shines on the crop fields on both sides of the road, and the early morning sun always makes you feel warm. This is the easternmost section of Miyakojima Island, where a lighthouse stands on the beach. Large and small rocks are scattered in the sea, and the water is so clear that you can clearly see the reefs on the bottom.

How to get there

About 30 minutes by cab from Miyako Airport


Free admission to the cape, 150 yen for adults and 20 yen for children at the lighthouse


I love this place. I could have stayed here all day, but due to the restrictions of the tour, I could only stay for an hour. The view – simply divine. Someone suggested to get your shade and umbrella ready before coming because it might be raining and very hot. Also, what could be more refreshing after this beautiful view than matcha ice cream! Totally give it five stars.

It was about 25km from aeon town on Miyako Island, and the 50km round trip ride took more than four hours, so I felt like I had spent half my life cycling. Luckily, I rented an electric bicycle from Bigjoy, otherwise I would have really hung up halfway. I left at 4pm and arrived at my destination at almost half past six.

The road was slightly deserted, my eyes were full of sugar cane fields and my nose was full of cow dung smell, but the feeling of openness when I approached my destination still made people have a sigh of relief that the trip was worthwhile. These days Miyakojima cloudy with rain, no sunshine of the East Heian Namezaki, can not see the blue water and blue sky, but more a pale texture. On the way back, it was already dark, so please be careful if you ride a bike.

You then must go to Higashi Heian Meisaki. For 200 yen, you can see the entire Pacific Ocean from a 360-degree view from the lighthouse, and it’s worth the 200 yen.


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