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About Kerama Islands Whale Watching

Humpback whales come to the waters of Okinawa every winter in search of warmer waters to give birth.

Humpback whales return to the waters of the Kerama Islands from the end of December to April each year to breed and raise their young. Since there is more than one area where the whales can be seen, observers search for the whales from Inasaki Lookout on Zamami Island and Teruyama Lookout on Tokashiki Island every day during the season, and guide the watching boats there. If the waves are too high to launch a whale-watching boat, you can try looking for whales from the observatories on each island.

How to get there

There are two main ways to get to the Kerama Islands.
One is to take a ferry (high speed boat), and the other is to take a boat from a marine store.

Boat tickets can be purchased at the Passenger Terminal Building (*also known as “Tomarin”) at Tomari Port in Naha City.

If you want to visit xxxxx, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

Buy discount Tickets


I felt that anti-sickness medicine was a must.
The sea in winter is often rough, so it might have been difficult for those who are not accustomed to riding on a boat!
After overcoming the turbulence and seasickness, the whales were a moving sight!


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