How to get to Miyako Island (Okinawa)

About Miyako Island (Okinawa)

Okinawa Miyako Island coral white sand, layers of green sea, the main area of the island are sugar cane fields, few people, Hirara has a 24-hour solar-powered hypermarket, and a suspected 24-hour drugstore.

The key to the key, is to be sure to go into the water, underwater than the water more beautiful. But the island traffic is not convenient, to dive sites far have to drive, Chinese driver’s license can not rent a car,, find local dive stores to buy packages of services but most do not speak English, accommodation is also.

How to get there

By plane: It takes about 45 minutes to fly from Naha Airport to Miyakojima, and JAC (Japan Air Commuter) and ANA (All Nippon Airways) offer 6-11 flights daily. There are also daily flights to and from Miyakojima from Tokyo, Osaka, Ishigaki Island, and Tarama Island;

By boat: About 8 hours to Naha port, 3 times a week;

You can take a cab or rent a car and drive to the island.


Free of charge


Miyakojima is a diving destination with a reputation for clear water. Locals say that the coast is especially beautiful because Miyako Island is flat and has no hills, so there are no currents to hit it. When I saw the Naha beach, which is known as the first white beach in Asia, I was really amazed, it was so white that it was dazzling. The only shortcoming is the overall backwardness of the island, food, housing and transportation are not very convenient.

There is a strange thing is to go before the use of agoda search not a few hotels, in the island with agoda search to many hotels. The price is a few hundred, cheap, but the hotel reception also does not speak English … In short, if you can’t speak Japanese without a groundskeeper is a bit difficult. The reason I went diving in Miyako is purely because I know a friend who is a diving instructor in the area, and all travel and accommodation problems are solved. They dive store called bluecavedivers, if you need to search, is a small advertising, but if you want to go to Miyako to play water, there is really no easier way.


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