How to get to Shimizu Port

About Shimizu Port

A port located in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The harbor manager is Shizuoka Prefecture. The Port of Shimizu is designated as an international stronghold port in the Port and Harbor Law of Japan. The Port of Shimizu is also designated as a Nakanishi International Port.

The Port of Shimizu is designated as a designated port under the Port Code Law. The Port of Shimizu is one of the three most beautiful ports in Japan, along with the ports of Kobe and Nagasaki, because of the view of Mount Fuji and the proximity of the famous Miho Matsubara.

How to get there

Shimizu Port is about 10 minutes away from downtown Shizuoka by car, and JR 240 yen is convenient to Shimizu Station, and there is a free ferry from JR Shimizu Station to Shimizu Port.


I bought a Dream Pass, which is an overpriced ticket. I bought the Yamagiku Line, which allows you to ride the train and the Central Izu Bus, and the Gold Line, which allows you to ride the train and the West Izu Bus, and these two tickets also come with one-way ferry tickets for the ports of Shimizu and Toi.

The ferry from Toi Port to Shimizu Port runs four times a day (920; 1200; 1440; 1720), and the time may change, so check before you take it.

Mt. Fuji can be seen during the trip. The ferry ride takes about 1 hour.

There is a free minibus from the Shimizu Port to JR Shimizu Station.

I will stop in Shimizu for one night, of course, to visit the Mariko Museum.

The museum is located on the 3rd floor of S-Plus Dream Plaza, a shopping center next to Shimizu Port.

By the way, you can get a discount on the ticket with the Dream Pass for Izu.

Don’t forget to try the cheap and delicious seafood donburi at the mall.

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