How to get to Chibimaruko-chan Land

About Chibimaruko-chan Land

The Chibimaruko Museum is located inside the s-pluse plaza, a department store in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka City. Shimizu was Shimizu City, the hometown of Mariko, until 2003, when it merged with Shizuoka to form Shizuoka City.

The train ride from Shizuoka is only 10km away and costs 240 yen. Remember that the bus color is red, and the bus is very different, and then the platform and the bus is not the same, is in the west side of the station, but sometimes go to the east side, you go to ask the tourist office,  Generally half an hour is enough, to 7:30 pm before you can enter the field, 8:00 pm closing.

How to get there

Take JR to Shimizu Station and Kintetsu to Shin-Shimizu Station. From these two stations, you can take a free shuttle bus to S-Pulse Dream Plaza;

Take the Shizutetsu bus (Miho-odai direction) and get off at Namazaba station, then walk for about 1 minute.


Adults (junior high school students and older) 600 yen, children over 3 years old 400 yen, children under 2 years old free

If you want to go to Chibimaruko-chan Land, the first step is to book tickets!
If you have a discount coupon online, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

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I have loved Mariko for more than 20 years, my Japanese name is also Mariko, that time the mainland almost no one knows when it likes. Home is also almost Maruko Paradise, everything is Maruko, because all over the place as long as there is Maruko places …… The first person in China who loves Mariko so much should be considered haha.

I have been interviewed about my story with Mariko for more than 20 years.

I drove over from Tokyo in January 2013, that trip will never forget, in a country I like and people I like, he drove me to see my favorite Mariko, left all the video records for me, really thankful to have him! Next time I want to go there once without a car to really feel what it’s like on the road, and also to ride the Mariko train and shuttle bus.

Maruko Museum is a must-see place recommended for Maruko fans, is a train from Izu to Shimizu Station, remember that you need to transfer once in the middle, it takes about an hour or so, along the way also passed Mount Fuji, this train line is a coastal line, along the way you can see the sea view, quite good, after arriving at Shimizu Station, do not rush to find a car, from the exit waiting for a while there is a free special bus, will take you to the Maruko Museum, the museum is in a shopping mall, you can see it when you go up.

The museum inside the door is a small pill shoe cabinet, restore all the scenes in the cartoon, really cute, once inside I was excited, in fact, many are children to visit, there is a special scene is a small pill classroom.


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