Cicada Canyon(Semi no Keikoku),in Gunma Prefecture information

What is Cicada Canyon(Semi no Keikoku)?

Semi no Keikoku is a scenic spot representative of Nammoku Village, which is rich in nature, and the autumn leaves are at their best in early November.

The canyon, with rocky mountains on both sides, is a sight to behold, and visitors can enjoy the autumn foliage while walking around the canyon on the suspension bridge. In spring, the deep canyon and the fresh green buds of the trees make for a great natural experience.

Semino Gorge is a natural monument and a scenic beauty spot in Gunma Prefecture.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the powerful mountain stream where water flows vigorously through the narrow river width like a sheer cliff. The surrounding mountains make it a place where you can enjoy different scenery depending on the season, such as fresh greenery in summer and autumn leaves in fall.

Matsuo Basho, the famous haiku poet, visited this place and is said to have read one of his famous poems, “Quietness, the sound of cicadas on the rocks,” when he was looking down on this place.

How to get there

The parking lot is located at the end of the Semi no Gorge sign when coming from the Gunma side.

Rokushuma, Minamimaki-mura, Amaraku-gun, Gunma 370-2811

Required time from expressway IC

From Gunma
25 minutes from Shimonita IC of Joshinetsu Expressway

From Nagano (Saku)
50 minutes from the Sakuho IC of the Chubu-San Expressway.


Semi no keikoku offers the beauty of a mountain stream that flows through narrow cliffs with great force.
There is a short promenade about 300 meters long, and from the Basho Bridge along the way, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the canyon from a high vantage point.
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