Access to Sengataki Waterfall/ All you need to know about Sengataki Waterfall

What is Sengataki Fall?

Senkataki Falls is a 15-meter-high waterfall located upstream from the Kujuku River, which originates in the mountains of Matsuida-cho, Annaka City. The waterfall is named after the legend that “O-Sen,” the daughter of the lord of the castle, once threw herself into the water during the fall of Matsuida Castle.

A stone Buddha is enshrined on the back side of the waterfall, and it is possible to see the waterfall from the back side. The best time to visit the waterfall is during the season of fresh greenery and autumn leaves. During the winter, the shibuki (shibuki) of the waterfall freezes and forms “hyosun” (ice shoots) on the back side of the waterfall.

It only takes about 10 minutes on foot from the parking lot to get there, and there are few ups and downs, so it is very easy to access and see the powerful Sengataki Falls, which is highly recommended.

Click here to visit Annaka City’s Sengataki Fall page.

Attractions of Sengataki Waterfall ,Powerful! You can see the direct fall of 15 meters up close!

One of the attractions of Sengataki Falls is that you can see the direct fall of 15 meters from the basin of the waterfall, and feel the power of the waterfall up close as a large volume of water flows down.

It may look small in the picture, but in reality it is quite high and the volume of water is quite impressive!

How to get there

25 minutes from the Matsuida Myogi IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway via Prefectural Route 33.

The road from Prefectural Route 33 to the Senkataki waterfall parking lot is narrow, so please be careful when passing through.

Parking lot (free of charge, no restrooms)

There is a parking lot for 3~4 cars.

There are no restrooms.


I am a big fan of waterfalls that can be seen from the back, so I was very happy to enjoy it. Also, it is close to the parking lot, so it is easy to access for a waterfall of this size, and I decided to include that in this article because I thought it was a nice place to visit.

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