All you need to know about Lake Okushima /Mysterious Shima Blue

What is Lake Okushima?

Do you know about the fantastic deep blue lake called Okushiman Lake in Gunma Prefecture?

Some of you may have heard of the term “Shima Blue” but have never been to Okushiman Lake.

Located deep in the mountains of Gunma Prefecture, the surface of Okushiko-Shima Lake shines a cobalt blue throughout the year, and the scenery changes with the seasons.

Lake Okushima Parking Lot Information

There is a free parking lot just before Lake Okushima. However, only a few cars can be parked there, so be careful when it is crowded. There are several other parking lots around the lake and a few more at the management office around the lake.


The Shima Blue was as beautiful as its reputation. When I went there, the weather was cloudy and not so nice, but it was still very nice to see the uniquely beautiful color. It is a dead end after this point, so it was great to feel a sense of accomplishment having reached the end of the trail. I highly recommend it.

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Meet Japanese Freinds


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